Golf & Biomechanics (Professionals)

Christian Neumaier regularly conducts seminars lasting several days. These seminars will elaborate biomechanical backgrounds and fundamentals of sport’s movements, and convey the key features of successful golf. These functions can be trained using specific exercises and drills to increase perception and awareness. A thorough analysis of your own golf movement and those of numerous tour players will illustrate the necessary functions in golf and help you optimize your movement.

The determination of the focal points of the seminar "Golf Biomechanics" can be selected freely by you.

Content to choose from:

 • Mechanical Theory of the Human Body

 • Active muscular-skeletal functions / main muscles involved in the golf motion

 • Biomechanical principles in sports and particularly golf

 • High-speed video analysis of the functions of tour players

 • High-speed video motion analysis of the functions of your golf motion

 • Functions of the body part, movements and their respective roles in golf motion

 • Golf and Health / motion analysis and optimization with physiotherapist

 • Theory and practice of the most important functions in golf

 • Training of the key functions for controlling direction

 • Training of the key features of stroke length

 • 3D analysis of your movement with extensive explanation

Additional coaches/speakers
depending on the choice of priorities:

Christian Neumaier/
Alex Linner/
Joerg Clement/
Achim Bruchner
Dates and Location: By appointment
Participants: professionals, min. 6 - max. 12 people
Seminar fee: By appointment
Seminar location (optional): Golfclub Beuerberg
Gut Sterz
82547 Beuerberg
Golfclub Wörthsee
Gut Schluifeld
82237 Wörthsee 


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