"In a nutshell, my goal is to show you which components are important in golf, and which ones can be safely left aside.

Your golf game is simplified and your overall golf-life experience will become far more successful and pleasurable. Do not be distracted by insignificant factors which you are trying to coordinate. Develop what is fundamentally important, namely, a high awareness for the club and the club face - the only way to gain control of the ball flight.

Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing more accuracy and gaining increased control over what you do. As a golfer and athlete, it is essential to learn and understand the real relationships of complex mechanisms, and to increase the elementary sensations of movements. You will develop a higher accessibility to your shots, a clearer vision and sensation for them, and as a result, automatically develop the most efficient and natural movement that produces them.

Priority No. 1: Control

The most important component in golf is the ability to control the club face in the “hitting zone” and throughout impact. Golf shots with the required direction and length are the result of it and reward your play with consistency. This presupposes, however, that both club and club face are perceived as areas of “significant contact”, and that a sensation with the club face has been developed. This particular skill must specifically be trained and is the number 1 priority in golf.

The resulting control over directions of shots can then additionally be provided with more and more power (priority No. 2), and thus, the stroke length can progressively be increased. Learn the specific features that give your game more control, length and quality."