Anatomy and Biomechanics

For many years now, Christian Neumaier has dealt with biomechanics and functional anatomy of the human body – all in order to better understand and optimize golf movements. As a consequence, his expertise is sought after in professional and amateur golf far beyond Europe´s borders. His ability to adapt, a painless and efficient golf movement according to your physical needs and abilities, will reward you with the joy of playing more successful golf for a lifetime.

His book  "GOLF - (NOT) JUST A SPORT LIKE ANY OTHER?" gives its reader access to Christian’s groundbreaking theories and extensive information about the human body, the “motor” of any system in golf. By presenting elaborate explanations on key features in golf motion, along with many exercises and drills that are essential in improving your game, any golfer will be able to apply Christian’s theory in practice.

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Biomechaniker Jean-Jaques Rivet über Christian:  

Jean-Jaques Rivet

"When I met Christian, since the first time I'd been in phase with his new approach of the golf swing's enhancement. As a physiotherapist the understanding of the physiology of the human body is essential to understand the capabilities and limit of the performance... and Christian is an expert and a constant searcher in the understanding of the human body biomechanics. As a teacher at the Sport engineering Department of the Aix Marseille University, I'm always searching for the last system able to calculate the force, etc ... Able to let us understand the problematic in the golf swing as well as for setting up new solution of improvement ... and Christian again is aware of all the last technology able to assess a golfer... 
So not only he has a "biomechanical eye", but he also integrates the biomechanics in all his coaching ... which is for me the "key" of all the best golf coaches in the world."

Jean-Jacques Rivet









Head of Biomechanics & Sport Performance

European Tour Performance Institute 

- Research Associate Institute of Movement Science, University of the Mediterranean, Marseille
- Biomechanist of the French Golf Team 
Biomecaswing Performance Center | 115 Allée de la Foret | 06370 | Mouans-Sartoux | France